My name is Patricia. I have a predominantly rural background and for as long as I can remember have had a profound interest in people and helping them with their problems. After 20 years working in the community sector, and 10 years in Family Crisis – working across a broad range of issues – I made the decision to develop a program that combines my experiences with the processes I’ve found effective and most importantly, feedback I've been privileged to receive from clients. This program combines what I view as the key concepts of creativity and connection.

Creativity and Connection works to a narrative model, as Narrative Therapy is my preferred way of working. After years of searching for better ways to help people of all ages to sort out the problems impacting their lives, I started working in a Family Crisis Service which was modelled on Narrative Therapy and this model immediately resonated with me. How better to reach out to those in need of help, than to treat them as I would like to be treated myself? When you meet with someone who has an innate respect for your confidentiality, is compassionate, non-judgmental, along with caring for equality and justice for all – that’s a positive connection!   

Having enjoyed a long association with arts, crafts and creating, I recognise there high therapeutic value, and have incorporated arts/crafts and creating into mentoring sessions. Being aware that no two people are the same, I have tried hard to cater broadly, with basic art and craft programs, and to offer mentoring in a flexible way. My Art/Craft programmes can be worked at the studio, or, transported to other Service communities, as an outreach program.  (Not all therapies are mobile, some need to be done at the studio.)  


Who do i work with?

I have experience working with men, women, children, teens and families. All of us, at some time in our lives, will feel a little out of our depth. A part of evolving through life is coming up against things that we had not expected or issues that we don’t know how to cope with; problems that we need to share with someone we can trust. No problem is too small or too silly: if it is bothering you, continually affecting you, playing on your mind, then it’s okay for you to ask for help. We will go from there.

How do I work?

There are several methods used at Creativity and Connection. This makes us flexible – able to work outside the box, so to speak. Our main aim is to nurture the wellbeing and confidence of service users. There is no pressure for you to undertake anything.

When you call to make the first appointment, you will be asked for your basic details and we can agree on a day/date/time/place for our first meeting, which will be our initial assessment. Here we will talk about the problem that brought you to Creativity and Connection, and decide how best we can assist you. At the conclusion of our initial assessment you are able to say whether you’d like to make another appointment to see me or ask about referral options. Some problems may be solved in the initial assessment and this would be a most positive outcome.