Learning a Craft

Suitable for:  worker-one person = W/1 or worker-two people = W/2 or a small group of up to six =S/G. This is where one or two people or a small group comes together to relax, have fun, and learn a new art/craft.

The craft you create belongs to you to take home at the end of the lesson/s, and if your chosen craft takes longer than one lesson, you can either take it unfinished or leave it until next session (crafts offered may vary from time to time, due to availability of supplies).

A varied range of crafts is available, including:

  • Using Paints:  acrylic or other paints, sealer, sometimes oil or water soluble varnish, rags and paint brushes etc. on a small canvas or other item
  • Stenciling:  acrylic or oil based paints and sealers, sometimes oil or water soluble varnish, stencils and stencil brushes, on a small canvas or other item
  • Decoupage: water soluble glues with rice papers/decorative papers and acrylic varnish, scissors to cut-out, decorating small clay animals or small boxes etc.
  • Card making:  card packs, where the theme is set and ready for you to follow steps to put together, or, we can work from the beginning, using a selection of blank cards and an assortment of materials, stickers, glues, inks, glitter, borders, shapes etc.
  • Stamping 1: basic rubber stamps, ink pads, ink pens, coloured pencils and card
  • Stamping 2: learning to use larger more intricate rubber stamps, other materials as for stamping 1.
  • Embossing: having attended stamping 1 and 2, your next session could be embossing, using inks,embossing powders and the heatgun
  • Scrapbooking: inks/glues/double sided tapes, assortment of papers/cards/scissors/stickers. You may like to bring some photo's
  • Using Punches: glues/double sided tapes/papers/cards/scissors. (Requires some strength in the hands/wrists/arms/shoulders) 
  • Quilling: twirling thin paper strips around quilling tool , to create coils which are then used to make pictures/designs along with glues/scissors/card.   
  • Beading: learn to make earrings and a bracelet. These are pre-packed in a wide range of colours and bead types, so that  you can create a piece unique to you.  

Note: This program is not geared towards people who need help with a problem or needing physical or intellectual assistance (these persons will benefit from either Craft Therapy or Mentoring with Art/Craft). 

Mentoring with Art and Craft

Mentoring with Art and Craft is a good opportunity for those who find it difficult to open up and talk. Some people find it easier, by relaxing into a craft, and chatting instead of feeling they are the focus. These sessions will consist of minimal numbers, worker to one person = W/1  or worker to two persons = W/2  (unless otherwise negotiated). Examples: a man/woman/young person/ seeking assistance with a problem through conversation and craft = W/1.  A parent wishing to form a stronger bond with their child through art/craft activities = W/2

Programs include:

  • Journaling – W/1 (scribble pad and pen provided)
  • Poetry Writing – W/1 (pad and pen provided)
  • Story Writing – W/1 (pad and pen provided)
  • Active Support – W/1 a one on one outing to inspire life satisfaction
  • Card making – W/1 or W/2. Incorporating a wide range of materials, colours textures and designs
  • Beading – W/1 or W/2. Choose from my ready-packs, to make either bracelets, necklaces or earrings
  • Applique - W/1 or W/2. Cutting out shapes & adhering to cards/cardboard with double-sided tapes
  • Quilling – W/1 or W/2.  Create cards or a picture, use our samples or makeup your own design
  • Decoupage – W/1 or W/2. A selection of rice and decorative papers to decorate a chosen item
  • Scrapping – W/1 or W/2. Decorative papers, card and all that you need to scrap a page
  • Embossing on cards – W/1 only. Using a box light, card and stencils
  • Flower arranging – W/1 only. Creating your own basic floral arrangement using ornamental flowers/foliage and a other items 
  • Mosaics – W/1 only. Using a variety of materials, learn how to mosaic on compressed wood, metal or glass
  • Button Craft – W/1 only. Drawing a design and using a selection of buttons to infill  on firm card or other non flexible base
  • Gardening/Potting – W/1 or W/2, learn to take cuttings, mix soils and pot up small plants. Mostly succulents or some of the hardier varieties of indoor plants
  • Creating a Terrarium – W/1 or W/2, Using natural elements to create a small garden within a glass container
  • Pyrography/Pokerwork – W/1 only (sketching a design on wood, bone, cork or leather using an electric hot wire pen) 
  • Leather Work – W/1 only. Using a range of tools to create a design on a small piece of leather

Art and Craft Therapy

This program is about creating a relaxed environment for the enjoyment of all participants in one on one or small group situations. Some of us do well in small groups and Art and Craft Therapy is a great way for isolated persons to socialise and make friends. Suitable for persons living with a disability. 

Ratio Code: Worker with one person = W/1.  
Worker with two people = W/2
Worker with small group means up to 6 people = W/SG

Degree of difficulty:  * easy.   ** not so easy.   *** hard.
Programs include:

  • Painting * – W/1 or SG ~ pictures or items, acrylic paints, sealers & varnish

(a smock or old shirt will be required for all painting) 

  • Decoupage * – W/1 or SG ~ using papers, water base glue & varnish 
  • Card making * – W/1 or SG ~ using a mixed medium with water base glue 
  • Applique * – W/1 or SG ~ mixed medium / dble sided tape/ water base glue 
  • Quilling ** – W/1 or SG ~ water based glue 
  • Gardening/potting ** – W/1 or SG ~ potting mix, plastic pot, live plant  
  • Punching  *** – W/1 or SG ~ requires some strength 
  • Stencilling *** – W/1 or SG ~ water based paints, some adhesive stencils 
  • Mosaicing *** – W/1~ over 2 sessions, embellishments/ tile adhesive, grout 
  • Active Support ***–  generally W/1= out and about 

Human Services Mentoring

Helping you to give your best self to your job, in the important area of Human Services. Teaching you to love yourself, nurture yourself and your life away from your work.
W/1 Mentoring
W/SG (2-6 persons) Bonding sessions through conversation and craft.

Important Art Program Information

1.  Mentoring is incorporated into all sessions except "Learn a Craft"
2.  All craft lessons are BASIC. These lessons are not designed for the accomplished arts/craft persons
3.  All materials, tools and embellishments are supplied (unless otherwise negotiated)
4.  All tools and excess materials remain the property of our service, and the costs of all materials and use of tools is included in your session rate, if you choose craft       5. The Art/Craft piece made by you, is yours to take home, although if your chosen piece takes another session to complete, you may leave it in my safe keeping, until next session, when you can finish it off. 
6.  Session rates start from the time the appointment is booked to start, so if you are running late, please phone and let us know
7.  At least 24 hours notice for a cancellation would be appreciated, although we know this is not always possible
8. The content of each program is tailored to the individual or group, therefore,  it is likely that no sessions will be the same
9.  Group sizes are set, however change is at the discretion of supervisor
W/1.  means 1 worker to 1 client                                                                                     W/2. means 1 worker to 2 clients
W/SG. means 1 worker to small group of up to 6 persons  
10.  Arts and crafts sessions require a paint smock or loose shirt to protect clothes
11. The safety and enjoyment of all participants, including staff, is paramount and if issues compromise this, the worker will use their discretion around time outs or terminating that session
12.  If you are participating in an activity which recommends safety glasses or a face mask these will be supplied and will need to be worn.